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I really really loved how this turned out ;A;

A lot of people were doing really really nice realistic pics of Christoph that I unfortunately do not have the talent of creating ahahaha so I decided to be a little more whimsical and fun to add to the mix???? I dunno, took me awhile, but I want to honor every character he plays, because every piece of work he does is brilliant and I think deserves an Oscar haha ;v; <3 <3 <3

I’m goind to send a nontransparent one because I’m going to write to him to AHAHAHAHAHA -sobs at the effort-

Now I can sleep in peace omfg. -flops-

um here’s a hi-res version of it but it mucks up the glow so yeah

I really hope he likes it oh dear I’m so insanely nervous for it kdjfslkf

Aw also if you see it in mobile it mucks up the glow. :’(
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    this is adorable! and i’m especially in love with alan and ede hahahah
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